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Who we are

We are a Seafood Export company capitalized in Chile with a 10 track record and a professional team with more than 20 years of experience in the aquaculture and seafood industry.

Positioned as leaders in the processing and export of fish, shellfish and other seafood thanks to our dedication, seriousness and experience, we build long term relationships as clients as well as suppliers.

Located in the South of Chile, we have direct and close contact with salmon producers, fishers and suppliers of different seafood products.  On top of that we are the first trading company in Chile to obtain ASC Chain of Custody certification.

We understand that there are many ways to satisfy the needs of our clients and offer flexible solutions including purchasing services for foriegn companies, becoming their representatives in the search and selection of products that meet their needs.


People are the secret to our success.  Our team is made up of experienced and innovative professionals committed to delivering the best product and service every day.  As experts in foreign trade and exports we are in constant contact with our clients.

Our products are inspected onsite to verify quality according to our client’s standards and the demands of the market.  In addition to our local team we have sales offices in China and sales agents in Argentina, Brasil and the USA allowing us to deliver excellent service and post-sale tracking.

Paulo Neira, CEO:

Rodrigo Martino, Commercial Manager:





We offer all the flavors provided by Chile’s oceans including a wide range of fish, shellfish and other seafood.

Each of our clients is important to us as are their requirements, regardless of the size of the country from which they contact us we adjust to their needs, volumes and variety of products. 

We work with different processing plants and supervise every detail of production to maintain the highest standard of quality

Although salmon remains our most sought after product from markets around the world, we have been growing exports of King Crab, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Mackerel, Chilean Abalone, Seabass and Hake among others.

Over time we have specialized in development and production of high value-add products adapting to our customers and the needs of consumers always adhering to our guiding principle: Healthy, flavorful food.


STEELHEAD / RAINBOW TROUT  (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

PACIFIC SALMON (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

MUSSELS (Mytilus chilensis)

AUSTRALIS HAKE (Merluccius australis)

CHILEAN SEABASS (Dissostichus eleginoides)


OCTOPUS (Enteroctopus megalocyathus)

KING CRAB  (Lithodes santola)




Regardless of size and volume, we deliver the flavor of Chile’s Ocean to all corners of the world.

We know that our clients needs are unique and we adapt to their needs offering personalized services such as:


Currently exporting to 17 countries on 4 continents our main destinations are USA, China and Argentina where our offices allow us to be more efficient and better serve the needs of our customers.

Our customers include importers, distributors and/or supermarkets around the world with a requirement for products from Chile.  We are recognized as a serious and responsible company that delivers on our commitments of timelines, quality and type of product. 

We are constantly improving as we adjust to the needs of the global markets and regulations in Chile and the world.  As the first local trader to obtain ASC Chain of Custody certification we can deliver products that adhere to the most demanding international standards such as Global GAP, ASC and others.


Get in touch with us if you need seafood products.

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